novac0caine:He’s mad because we’re at the vet and they just stuck a thermometer up his butt lol


He’s mad because we’re at the vet and they just stuck a thermometer up his butt lol







This is my favorite motherfucking thing about getting closer to Halloween every FUCKING YEAR





Girls’ Generation Will Continue As 8

They just fucking said it all. There. I so agree.

How can SM take such care of their MAIN group? How?

How do you drop someone who has literally given you 14, FOURTEEN, years of your life?

How can you handle such a shitty situation like ‘meh whatever’?

How can you treat like this a group that could have given you a freaking legacy for kpop in HISTORY? The Most popular girl group of the WORLD. Literally.

Did you even think about HOW you’re gonna make the girls’ image familiar like it always has been now that they’re 8? Now that you lack a member? Not one person in SNSD isn’t relevant. They all are, dear God.

Just how?

And funny thing is, this isn’t even the first time such shitty management of the situation happens. Not even.

SM, I fucking hope the girls let go of you and start on their own like Shinhwa. I so do. Because it would be probably one of the best victories fans will have against you. I swear.

This is what it comes down to.

You can blame the 8 girls.

You can blame Jessica.

You can blame that big fore-headed boyfriend.

You can believe what you want and who you want. That’s up to you.

The bottom line is this: SME as a company does not value their acts and people. They are always all too willing to just pitch people and group aside with such carelessness despite the fandom, how long these people have been with them, and how much blood, sweat and tears they contributed to their company. Their philosophy is: “you are replaceable. No matter how hard you work or how big you get, in the end we are the ones in control and if you have to ruin you to let you know that. We will…because we can just replace you with another set of hungry trainees who will do what we want all the time.” This is the nations girl group. 7 years of building a brand and hard work. And they just let it all fall down over some minor bullshit. And it’s pretty minor. That’s why it makes no sense what they did to anyone. There is no business sense in it at all. It’s so dumb. All of this stuff could have been worked out. If they wanted to work with Jessica, they could have and it could have been easily solved. She was willing, but they rather complete control and power rather than give even a little,…show even a bit of flexibility towards their people. They must maintain that iron grip.

That’s the bottom line. SM is careless with their talent. Because they don’t value them as individuals don’t see them as people no matter what they say with their SM Family bullshit,  they see them only as cogs in the machine. If one has issues..pitch it and get another one…so all their group end up in a mess. I mean look at their history…just messes everywhere. At some point you have to stop blaming the people that leave or are kicked out, and start asking why this continues to happen. None of their groups or acts have any longevity. No legacy that isn’t tainted.  Mismanagement and carelessness.

They are the worst.  They know how to make money and hook fandoms, but they are terrible at management.  .




do you ever

do you ever just have

that one class

that one freaking class

that just depresses you when you think about it because

oh god you hate it so much

The bourgeoisie

freakin nursing reasearch, man.


holy SHIT


holy SHIT


top gear tho

Homulilly - The Nutcracker Witch
Its nature is self-sufficiency. Its gallant form, which once split many nuts, is now useless. Without any other purpose, this witch’s last wish is her own execution. However, a mere decapitation will not clear away the witch’s sins. This foolish witch will forever remain in this realm, repeating the procession to her execution.

omocat in a nutshell


omocat in a nutshell





The Problem With The Videogame Hype Train

Yeah no I don’t think people expect any of those things from Smash and the people who are hyping smash already have played it numerous times thanks to events around the world and a demo release. If anything most of the other games were promoted through use of bullshots and false promises because the ascent into next gen was apparently something to be proud of. But then again what else do you expect from Dorkly, They’re like B^U 2.0. Look at all that reused shitty art.

Smash Defense Force on point this week.

Ah yes dorkly, it is our fault that developers hype us up on things that THEY say that they’re going to add to the game, on features they say will be there, and games that look amazing with graphics they say are going to be there from the trailers at E3 and the like. It’s our fault that instead, we get a half-assed, dumbed-down product that we thought would be what we saw from gameplay demos. Several games have done this so far in just the beginning of this generation, and it sucks.

Battlefield 4 was glitchy and completely broken when it first came out and it was very clearly rushed. Even though I enjoyed it more than 3 it was deeply flawed and a lot of glaring issues kept me from playing it long term (the netcode was garbage, the balance wasn’t there, etc)

Titanfall ended up not having much to do after you reached a certain point and it was very short into playing it. It was made by former CoD developers and it played like it was too, which a lot of people didn’t like as well.

Watch_dogs was hyped up to be really interactive and have all these cool features with really nice looking graphics, and instead what we got is press x to do a thing maybe, graphics that ended up looking like last gen on every platform (not to mention optimization issues on PC, whodathunk right?)

Destiny I won’t comment too much on since it’s generally pretty new and I’ve never had a chance to sit down and play it myself, all the others I have though.

The point I’m trying to make is that it’s okay for my expectations not to be met if they’re my expectations and that alone. I am perfectly fine with being let down about a few features that I wanted or something along the lines of that. However when a developer or a publisher not only tells me that it’s actually going to have things but SHOWS me these things in demos, and then when the game is finally delivered and it lacks said things, that’s when I take issue, and that’s why I take issue with this comic.

And I’m not even on the smash hype train either.